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Breakup with Bilal Abbas, Ramsha Khan takes her words back about getting married in two years

Ramsha Khan is definitely showcasing the aftereffects of having a breakup with the love of her life Bilal Abbas Khan. A few days back, Bilal Abbas Khan took social media by storm with his suspicious action comprising of unfollowing Ahad Raza Mir and Ramsha Khan together on pictures and videos sharing app, Instagram. Fans were already speculating that these two superstars Ramsha Khan and Bilal Abbas were dating each other for some time and Ramsha Khan was also spotted with Bilal Abbas’s family.

Bilal Abbas left people with certain questions, and the part of Ahad Raza Mir in all this scenario becomes doubtful. All in all, it seems to be a love triangle where Bilal Abbas left Ramsha for being friends with Ahad Raza Mir. Ramsha Khan also took this game to another level where her chat with a fan page got leaked calling Bilal Abbas disgraceful ex.

In an interview, Ramsha Khan has claimed to readjust her previous statement about marriage. It’s pertinent to add that Ramsha told in a previous interview that she would marry in coming two years and now after two years she’s all set to re-arrange and get a statement. Ramsha is of the view that she’s having evolution day by day and just can’t push herself in this relationship. Here is her statement.

She has certainly refused all of the rumors of her marriage. For now, she’s enjoying her time to the fullest. Calling marriage an amazing bond she declared she would get into it when the time is right. It would happen when it’s written.

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