Hamza Ali Abbasi gets backlash for his statement about denying the zahoor of Hazrat Essa and Imam Mahdi A.S


Hamza Ali Abbasi has truly ignited a new trend on social media. His recent post is making him a top trending celebrity on Twitter with #Shameonyouhamzaaliabassi. These new faces who have Indulged in the vastness of Islam are definitely trying to mold it according to their school of thought. His recent tweet about the basic beliefs of Islam has shaken the people to the core.

Indeed it’s our iman that Hazrat Essa A.S and Hazrat Mahdi A.S will come before the day of judgment. To believe in doom’s day is the most basic pillar of Islam. What about those negating the saying of Allah SWT and his beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SalAllaho Alaihey Wa’aliyehi Wassalam. Taking to his Instagram Instagram account this newly introduced scholar Hamza Ali Abbasi has shared his beliefs and has clearly stated that he doesn’t believe in the zahoor of Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Essa A.S.

It’s truly astonishing to see that people like him are blindly following their scholars rather than following Islam and its teachings. You should have some common sense, there is nothing left after the saying of Allah SWT and Hazrat Muhammad SalAllaho Alaihey Wa’aliyehi Wassalam. His thoughts are totally misguided and he needs to learn Quran before making these huge statements. Here’s Hamza Ali Abbasi’s tweet.

Hamza Ali Abbasi gets backlash for his statement about denying the zahoor of Hazrat Essa and Imam Mahdi A.S

People are lashing out at him for this statement. They are of the view that he should learn Qur’an and Sunnah from its real sources. May Allah SWT guide him and all of us towards the Sirat E Mustaqeem. It’s our dire need to hold our iman strongly, there are so many so-called scholars who are willing to ruin your beliefs with their weak Imaan.

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  1. Qiyamat ki nishaniyo Mai aim saab sail bari nishani Hamza Abbasi jaisay jahil hain jinahay baghair QURAN E KAREEM ka ilm Kai hasil kiay baghair Alim honay ka guman hai.Being as Muslim its my humble request to whole Muslim Ummah to negate saying and wordings of such people.May ALLAH Almighty show us the right pathway Aameen

  2. I request honorable Maulana Tariq jameel sahab to talk to this person who is misguiding and misleading people by
    using his pic .l request him to talk to this person for misusing his pic with extremely wrong statement.He must apologise


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