Dur e Fishan takes inspiration from Katrina Kaif for her marriage


Dur e Fishan has emerged out to be the most talented and significant actress who made fabulous progress in no time. She’s known for her intelligence and brilliant performances. Though she finds it difficult to read Urdu text but manages to deliver her dialogues properly and in amazing flow. Pardes Starrer is working on her language and is hopeful to have command of it soon.

This article is going to be a bit different as we are going to have an insight into the thoughts of Dur e Fishan concerning marriage. Age recently appeared in an interview with Hassan where she got vocal about her plans concerning marriage. Seems like this amazing beauty is quite clear in her mind and her thoughts are thoroughly right. We definitely hold our hands high for Dur e Fishan.

Dur e Fishan added on a lighter note that yes Katrina dated these guys but chose to marry one whom she didn’t date. We are in love with Dur e Fishan’s acting and outstanding personality. She’s the one who got fame and appreciation even in the initial times of her career. Here’s the clip of her interview, have a look.

She doesn’t intend to date anybody because that’s not what she believes in. During her recent interview, she said that she would take inspiration from Katrina Kaif concerning marriage. She doesn’t want to date anyone and would love to be in nikkahfied at once. Katarina Kaif instantly chose her husband to spend her entire life with him a d didn’t rely on dating. The host added that if everybody Knows that Katrina Kaif have been in an open relationship with Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, then how would she look at her as an inspiration.

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