Hashim Nadeem, writer Of Parizaad announces season 2 of Parizaad, internet shows mixed emotions


Parizaad drama series just broke all the previous records and made history with its unique subject and content. Parizaad soon became everyone’s favorite and his sufferings, miseries and endeavors left everyone in tears. Ahmed Ali Akbar stunned everyone with his finest and incredibly polished acting. Parizaad made his place in our hearts and we literally still can’t get enough of him.

Recently Hashim Nadeem, the writer of Parizaad has announced the upcoming sequel of Parizaad with a beautiful poster writing with Chapter 2. People really demand sequels of hit dramas and as we witnessed people requesting to make sequels of Chupke Chupke. This time internet is showing mixed reviews in this regard. There are some of the people who are extremely happy and has started waiting for watching Parizaad again on their TV screens.

Hashim Nadeem, writer Of Parizaad announces season 2 of Parizaad, internet shows mixed emotions

On the other hand, a group of people is totally against its sequel and are of the view that this would ruin the impact and aura of season 1. Some of them also wrote that it has become a custom in the industry to start making sequels in order to get more finance and views but it’s totally wrong. Some of them are also showcasing their disliking against the end of Parizaad as the last episode was quite different from the ending of novel.

Parizaad is definitely going to make its way and it proved to be a piece of good news for those who are welcoming this news. It would be fun to know the further details of this project. For now, we are wishing Hashim Nadeem all the best for Parizaad sequel.

Which side would you favor? Do you want to have chapter 2 or not? Write to us here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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