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You Will Be Shocked To Hear About Saboor Aly’s First Job And Salary

Saboor Aly is one of the fabulous girls who earned a name in showbiz industry very quickly after starting their career. She is the younger sister of Sajal Aly who has been working in showbiz industry for many years and also before her sister. Both sisters are multitalented and super gorgeous.

Saboor Aly was born in 1995 and firstly appeared in “Mehmodabad ki Malkain” as a supporting role with her sister. She was a loving and stubborn child to her parents. Her mother died because of cancer in 2017. Both sisters were heartbroken by this sad demise and did not appear on screen for some time. Saboor’s father left them for second marriage and for this reason both sisters were heartbroken but after some time they reunited with their Dad.

Saboor Aly told in an interview that before joining showbiz industry she was appointed as PR Marketing and her first salary was twenty-eight thousand (28000) Pakistani rupees. Saboor herself was very satisfied with her first salary and said that it was ok at that time. Here is a clip of Saboor Aly in which she told about her first earnings.

Saboor Aly recently married to Ali Ansari in a fairytale wedding ceremony. She was looking very decent on her mayun and mehndi. She was wearing a very expensive dress on her mehndi by Hussain Rehar and her barat and walima dresses were also very beautiful and extravagant.

What do you say about Saboor’s interview and positive thinking about her salary? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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