Gohar Rasheed being an unapologetic man doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram, here’s why


Social media has definitely become a place to manifest your love or even to announce breakups and many more. Certainly, it has evolved into the most used medium and where there are several advantages of this it also comes with huge drawbacks. It has the power to make you an instant famous personality and on the other hand, it can snatch away your peace of mind and life as well. Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s demise is the best precedent in this regard.
Well coming to the point we have Gohar Rasheed, an incredibly talented and dedicated actor who has made his mark in the industry with sheer hard work and dedication. Gohar Rasheed is definitely enhanced as the most different Instagram celebrity who doesn’t follow anyone of his co-stars.

Actually, people always complain about not following them and his answer always would be simple “I really don’t follow anyone on Instagram”. Wow! He literally doesn’t want to get himself in any kind of controversy so yes he did it. Gohar Rasheed is explaining his stance below, have a look.

Our favorite actor has spoken about the logic behind to not follow anyone on Instagram would definitely make you second his opinion. During an interview, he shared his stance and told that this game of following on Instagram is literally becoming a matter of personal grudges. It’s something that is creating problems for you. People take this thing quite personally.

What are your strategies to use social media? Share your views with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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