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Mahira Khan’s elaboration of her statement ‘Sorry, I Am Taken’ is truly unexpected one

So all we know is that recently Instagram just got high posts about Mahira Khan’s comment and that surely left everyone curious about her relationship status. So for all those who aren’t acquainted with the situation here, we are going to explain the context in a nutshell. Mathira’s one fan actually proposed to her and asked her about her consent then Mahira Khan had a swag reply that really took Instagram by storm and everywhere was just her answer. She wrote sorry, I am Taken.

Recently in an interview with Maliha Rehman, she went on explaining her statement and it was totally unexpected. She’s clearly denying her relationship and us of the view that she just wrote it in a very casual way. There was not any specific thing or logic behind it. She added that in the morning after having breakfast, she came across a comment where a fan was asked her to give him a clear answer so that he can move on.

On which Raeees starlet said She’s taken. All of us assumed that she’s definitely confirming her relationship with Salim Karim. People are showcasing mixed reviews and they are of the view that why the public is so much interested in knowing about her relationship, what if she’s taken. Being an actress she definitely knows how to play with words and journalists should avoid asking these personal questions. Here’s the video clip of Mahira Khan from an interview with Maliha Rehman. Have a look.

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