Minal Khan getting trolled for copying Kylie Jenner’s IG


Minal Khan this time again is landing extremely hot water for her so-called genius act that certainly was fine as if people are blind and she’s the only one who follows Kylie Jenner on Instagram. Minal Khan keeps posting some outstanding and captivating pictures of her on her Instagram stories and sorry to say this time copycat is caught up with some hilarious incident.

Minal Khan getting trolled for copying Kylie Jenner’s IG

Well, the story is Jalan star really wanted to play well with Pakistani people’s minds as she posted Kylie Jenner’s IG just like her own very own (laughs) but how could you even think that your fans are so dumb that they can’t figure it out as a copied content. She probably thought that she’s the only one on this planet earth who follows Kylie Jenner and everyone else seriously would not know who Kylie Jenner is.

Her act is seriously depicting her dumbness. She posted the breakfast picture of Kylie Jenner without any credits and posed as if she was the one who had this luxurious and scrumptious meal. People are really not coming slow and are roasting her like anything. This is making us laugh and we are thinking that how she could be so unprofessional.

People are of the view that she thought that no one knows Kylie Jenner but her. Several memes are coming out with so much funny content and we literally can’t help feeling sorry for Jalan star. She should at least has some sense before posting it. Here are the screenshots of people’s comments and memes, have a look.

Minal Khan getting trolled for copying Kylie Jenner’s IG

A user wrote jokingly Kylie Jenner stop copying actress Minal Khan’s Instagram stories.

Minal Khan getting trolled for copying Kylie Jenner’s IG

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