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Watch video: Momal Sheikh’s recommendation to Minal Khan is definitely best

Momal Sheikh has made his place in industry on the grounds of her own talent and hard work. She never took an advantage of her father’s name to make instant progress. She stands with pride in her amazing career. Being a straightforward person age never hesitates in putting forward her stance. Momal Sheikh has done several plays and modeling projects, and every time she comes out to be a heart stealer.

Recently in an interview with Hina Altaf and Agha Ali, She very honestly suggested something really very good to Minal khan. Well, she was asked to give any advice to Minal Khan, and her reply us worth appreciating. She stated that Minal Khan should make more friends and try to come out from having just few friends. Momal was quite clear and asked her to look beyond just two friends Kinza and Saboor.

This young talented mum is our favorite and we are sure Minal Khan is going to take Momal Sheikh’s two cents quite seriously. It’s not bad to have few friends but yeah you should make more friends to have a good exposure. Minal Khan is definitely going to out her stance on Momal Sheikh’s advice. Here’s the video, catch a look.

It’s really true that we have witnessed her with Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi. They all formed a group and now are seen hanging out with each other. Momal Sheikh has always presented her strongest opinion with Sheer sophistication. We just can’t stop looking at this beauty. Momal is a complete package.

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