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Bushra Ansari gets vocal about her ex-husband Iqbal Ansari’s strict and unbearable behaviour

Bushra Ansari is a cheerful, lively, and happy person whose presence really can never make you bored all she conveys is happiness and a smile. Her every single interview has all the aspects of life like the realities and lighter sides. She knows the art of presenting the bitter realities of life in the veil of humor and fun.

Her recent interview in Good Morning Pakistan is the best precedent of her jolly nature. She’s even discussing the most painful feelings in a humorous way. She got vocal about her relationship with her ex-husband Iqbal Ansari. They were completely two different personalities who didn’t have any interests in common. They were just leading their life together forcefully.

Her daughter Meera and Nariman have their bridal shower and baby showers. These are small happiness that gives you memories and you cherish these forever. Bushra Ansari had several times mentioned following the wedding of her daughter she just decided to break with him who couldn’t do anything for her. Here’s the video link, have a look.

Bushra was asked about her Goud Bharai Rasam and she revealed that her husband didn’t like these sorts of low-key tactics. She went on adding that he even considered expressing your love with romantic gestures the cheapest thing. He even never gave a single flower to his wife. Bushra Ansari told that a person who didn’t even look at her with smile how could he arrange Goud Bharai.

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