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‘Dobara’ last episode makes Zoya Nasir furious, claims ending was concealed from her

Drama series Dobara has gained a great appreciation for being so different in content and idea. This drama kept the audience hooked with it throughout the entire episode. Here we are bringing some astonishing facts that really would make you guys shocked. One thing is clear that people weren’t expecting it to end on this note.

People were not assuming this ending. It proved positive for both Mehru and Mahir. These incredible actors, Bilal Abbas Khan and Hadiqa Kiani did a wonderful job. Hadiqa has really mesmerized us with her outstanding and brilliant performance. Her incredibly captivating acting didn’t let viewers feel like she’s new here in acting. Where these characters had a blast on screen there our stunning Zoya Nasir left no stone unturned to make her mark.

She thinks that the ending was unexpected as all were expecting the Union of Narmeen And Mahir but eventually it didn’t happen. She further added that the ending was concealed from her and that was not included in her script. Being an important part of the drama it was her right to get to know the ending but Yeah she was quite unaware of it. Here’s her interview with Something Haute, have a look.

Zoya Nasir is surely underrated. Age definitely has the greatest talent and has proved sever times but she gets these supporting roles. Anyhow kudos to her for how she manages to even Make her identity with even these side characters. Recently Narmeen from Dobara was spotted in an interview with something haute and we are in shock after hearing her perception of the last episode of Dobara.

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