Saboor Aly’s bold pictures from a recent shoot would leave you stunned


Saboor Aly always manages to be in the limelight and the reason can be anything, sometimes her unapologetic attitude, bold pictures, or her incredibly captivating acting. Since her marriage to Ali Ansari, the girl is getting backlashed for every other reason. Their outstanding but too much intimate poses from wedding shoot also didn’t sit well with people resulting in outrageous comments from public.

Here another time she is trying to make all heads turned towards her with her bold shoot. She was spotted having an intimate shoot Kaushal khan and also went on sharing some extremely fascinating clicks from this shoot. She wore an amazing parrot green long-tailed dress and just have a glance at the details of the dress. It’s crafted with hand painting and in the picture, her co-model is also holding a painting brush and is manifesting to paint on her.

This beguiling dress is quite shocking as it is extremely revealing from the back with a long deep back neckline. Saboor is quite unapologetic in regards to her behavior. She never fares about the trolling and criticism she has to face on social media. She never turns a deaf ear to a this backlash and criticism.

Her more pictures are definitely going to have hideous comments and it’s quite sure people are going to take a jibe at her. It’s totally unacceptable to promote nudity through social media. Keyboard warriors are definitely all set to start a new lecture for her. Here we are sharing some more sizzling pictures of her from a recent shoot. Get a look.

How did you guys find these stunning pictures? Feel free to write to us here in our comments section below. Thanks!

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