Watch video: Muneeb Butt humiliates Aiman Khan by comparing her face with ‘Seengh Wali Bail’


Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan are a perfect couple who entertain their audience in a very humorous way. Nowadays they are on a long vacation from Karachi to Lahore and then Nathia Gali. They are active on their social media account and sharing pictures and videos from the tour. The whole family is very jolly and enjoys the company of each other. They don’t need any other person for entertainment, they themselves are enough for this purpose.

Recently a hilarious video is uploaded by their fan page in which Muneeb Butt was asking Aiman to guess what he saw. She deliberately replied that you saw a moon but Muneeb hilariously pointed out a statue of a Bull face with horns and said I have found your selfie. Everyone present there were laughing to their stomach. Aiman never gets angry to be humiliated and she also enjoys the scene with an open heart. Here is the link to the hilarious video please watch.

Minal and Aiman’s mother was once invited to a morning show and she was asked about twins’ sister’s nature. She replied that Minal is a little stubborn and has furious nature but Aiman has a very calm and humble nature. She is the only one who can handle Minal Khan in a better way. Both sisters are twins but Aiman always plays the role of big sister and handles the situation in a good way.

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