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Aiman and Minal missing their Dad – agonizing note for deceased soul

Aiman and Minal are twins sisters and both have joined Showbiz as their profession. Both sisters look alike and it’s very hard for the public to differentiate them. Their body language, voice, and facial expressions are same whereas one different thing is that they did not married on the same day. Minal Khan gets married after two years of her sister Aiman Khan. Aiman is the mother of cute little girl Amal Muneeb.

Aiman and Minal missing their Dad - agonizing note for deceased soul

Aiman’s parents were very happy at her wedding but at Minal’s wedding, her father was not present to attend to his daughter because he was died after fighting many diseases. The whole family was heartbroken and in grief for several months but after some time they came back to their routines.

Aiman and Minal are very active on their social media account and post many pictures from their travel diaries and from a busy day out. Recently Aiman and Minal posted on their Instagram about their father’s birthday after his death. Aiman said “Happy 49th birthday to my dearest baba, I miss you, I love you, you are forever in my heart  I will never forget you calling my name, calling my name, smiling, your warm hugs, and your voice, you are my hero. I love you, I love you forever. Please recite Surah e Fatiha for my beloved father”.

Minal Khan also posted some pictures with her father and make a note on her Instagram story. She said “Happy 49th birthday to my dearest baba. I love you forever and miss you always meri jan” Their father left this world very soon and their grief is very deep. No one can heal it except ALLAH Almighty. May the deceased soul rest in peace forever.

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