Fahad Mustafa Annex on his comparison with Shahrukh Khan


Fahad Mustafa is a tv host and actor who got his fame very early in the starting of his career. He is a young and energetic man who easily manages reality game shows without any trouble. He was married to Sana and blessed with two beautiful kids. He is busy nowadays with the promotion of his upcoming movie in which Mahira Khan is also playing the role of heroine.

At the trailer launch of his movie and at a press conference Mahira Khan compared Fahad Mustafa with Shahrukh Khan who is the king of Indian showbiz industry. She said that Shahrukh Khan is very fast in understanding the dance steps, I have never seen any person in Pakistan doing like him except Fahad Mustafa. They both are very good and prominent in dancing.

Fahad Mustafa was on another point at the comparison of his personality by Mahira Khan and shared his views about it in a program “Gloss ETC by Maliha Rehman”. The host herself said that maybe we need to get out of the comparison between Indian and Pakistani artists and then Fahad replied that “ the problem is that, we can not say anyone to stop watching Indian actors, and one real thing I tell you that I am an actor because of those legends including Amitabh Bachan, Shahrukh Khan because at that time there were no other influencing personalities available. We all grew up watching their cinema and we did not have any cinema here in Pakistan at a young age. I don’t say that we should go against them but don’t compare both industries because our film industry is a new one”. Watch the complete video here.

Everyone in Pakistan has his own different talent and they are also doing their best in Film industry but we should not compare the actors of Indian or Other countries’ artists with our rising stars.

What do you say about Fahad Mustafa’s school of thought about Pakistani – Indian comparison? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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