Minal Khan’s swag style to take a jibe at trollers for trolling her over Kylie Jenner’s post


So in past few days, social media platforms have got flooded with tons of memes and trolling posts for Minal Khan’s move to copy Kylie Jenner’s IG. Social media has definitely proved to be quite poisonous and its unbearable poison has cost the life of Aamir Liaquat Hussain. Following his death, people were determined to not to troll anyone to that extent and now just after a few days, we have been witnessing another case of this brutal trolling.

Minal Khan recently posted a story of Kylie Jenner on her Instagram that eventually lead her to immense trolling. A flood of memes and trolling posts welcomed her just after a few hours and she surely was noticing all that.

Several celebrities like Ushna Shah and Khawar Abedi come to support her. Their stance was clear and we second their opinion. Ushna Shah wrote that we all are again trolling someone immensely. Khawar Abedi referred to the death of Aamir Liaquat Hussain as social media trolling. It’s surely unbearable. What is the big deal if she has done that? But no netizens have got no chill and they would keep trolling her to their best.

Minal Khan’s swag style to take a jibe at trollers for trolling her over Kylie Jenner’s post

Minal Khan’s endeavor to end this session on a lighter note is winning hearts. She herself shared a trolling post and literally reacted with laughter. She surely knows how to handle these social media things. The strong-headed girl didn’t let it affect her nerves. It’s true we should stop now, we don’t want another Aamir Liaquat Hussain to die of the poison of trolling and criticism.

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