Rabeeca Khan then to now: How the actress’ eyebrows evolved over the years 


Well, social media has drastically changed the lives of people and some of them have really shown their incredible growth over a certain time span. There are a few of them who got immense fame after joining TikTok and this social media platform really dis wonders to them. Here we are presenting the best precedent in this regard and she’s none other than Rabeeca Khan.

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An old video of Rabeeca Khan is doing rounds on social media and probably that video is not much old, the video is from the times when late Aamir Liaquat Hussain was used to host a game show on Bol TV network. Rabeeca was there with her mother and the video of her participation in the show has stunned everyone. Well, the reason is her totally changed avatar from her recent look.

A phase of memes and trolling has just started. People are of the view that her transformation is all just because of money. The public is totally disappointed and her mother is also being criticized for removing her veil following the success of Rabeeca as a Tiktoker. It’s something that people are loving to talk about. Here we are posting some pictures and her video from the show. Have a look.

She’s wearing a hijab and her mother is in a veil. How drastically they both have changed. Rabeeca Khan’s features and physique is entirely different in the video from her present look. This video has made them stand in the court of social media users and now there’s no chance that trollers are going to spare her.

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