Anumta Qureshi holds a baby in arms & shows to be a beautiful future mom


Anumta Qureshi, the new mum in town is really busy with her little bundle of joy but guess what?? Yeah, she’s still making sure to share her post-delivery pictures with her fans. Just like her pregnancy phase, she’s up to keep all of us updated with her son’s beautiful snaps. Anumta Qureshi was the one who literally enjoyed her pregnancy phase to the fullest without even wasting a minute.

Anumta Qureshi holds a baby in arms & shows to be a beautiful future mom
Anumta Qureshi holds a baby in arms & shows to be a beautiful future mom

Becoming an inspirational pregnant woman she always didn’t let come the pain and endeavors of pregnancy on her face. All she did was just smile and had a lot of food with charismatic looks and maternity wears. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this resplendent beauty has always come up with something more exciting and wonderful than before.

Recently, Anumta started most awaited pictures of her son and we are really drooling over this little guy. We can’t get enough of him and want to look at his little hands forever. Anumta kept his face hidden but we are sure he’s as cute as his mum. Sarang Kazi and Anumta Qureshi are sweethearts and their couple can’t disappoint you when it comes to looking for couple goals.

Anumta Qureshi is wearing royal blue PJs and holding her sin in her arms. Just look at the peace and blush on her face that is truly manifesting her happiness while holding this little creature. Following her delivery, she made our newsfeeds like awwwe with her post-delivery pictures. The hospital room was decorated with blue and white balloons and beautiful flowers. Here are some more pre-delivery and post-delivery pictures of her. Catch a look.

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