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Hiba Bukhari seems In trouble for revealing her age

Hiba Bukhari is counted among the most prominent and significant actresses in Pakistani drama industry. Her every character makes people spellbound with her mesmerizing acting skills and you literally end up adoring this beauty again and again. Being a jolly person in real life, Hiba Bukhari’s interviews are always fun to watch and this chatterbox just keeps you gushing over her.

Her recent interview with Hassan’s show The Big Pick is getting highly appreciated on YouTube and people seem to be getting much impressed. Hiba Bukhari recently got married to the man of her dreams Arez Ahmed and following her marriage it’s the first time even she has made a solo appearance in any show. From her entry into showbiz industry to her peak phase, she spilled the beans on every matter and was quite honest while talking about it.

But her Revelation about her age is literally leaving people at a loss and still can’t believe in what she said. Hassan asked her if she’s as conscious about her age as he is? She replied that age definitely brings a lot of experiences with it and she doesn’t believe in hiding this. amazingly she disclosed her year of birth and said she was born in 1994 and according to that Fitoor actress is just 27 years old. Do you guys believe that? We have certain celebrities who really make it confidential and never reveal their age.

Despite of spending an immense amount of time in making their careers in industry, they tend to be quite resistant to cross 30 and like to stay in their ’20s for their whole life. Here’s the link to her interview and her particular stance about her age, have a look.

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