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Hira Mani stuns in Junaid Khan’s new song Yadaan – perfect chemistry

Hira Mani and Junaid Khan’s new song Yadaan is out now and after a long time, some great work is presented on our screens. Junaid Khan was a member of singing band “Call” whose first song “Nishan” went viral at that time. This is a rare phenomenon that a new thing was accepted by the audience this soon. After the release of their two albums “Jilawatan” and “Dhoom”, Junaid stopped singing and composing songs due to some personal reason and started acting which also led him to the laurels of fame.

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Junaid’s mother was a gold medalist in artistic work and he get most of the qualities from her. The initial base of acting is also an inspiration that he gets from her mother. Junaid always wanted a change in the thinking of society with the help of his songs but it’s not the duty of a single man to do so.

Junaid Khan is back to his singing career as he has released a new song featuring Hira Mani as her model. The song is not written by Junaid but by another writer Hassan Badshah who has also written many other songs including “Dil Tutya” and “Nazr-e-Karam”. The composition and production of this song is done by Junaid himself with the help of Madlock Gillani and Raheel Dildar. After leaving his singing career it’s the first blockbuster piece of Junaid Khan that is getting fame. Here is the link to his beautiful song.

As we know that this song is featured in the most gorgeous and talented Hira Mani and now after the successful release every one is praising Junaid’s choice the selection of his model. Hira was looking very decent and performed the song very well. The video of screen couple is breathtaking and we can tell this by the positive comments of the Public. They also loved the beautiful choreography and the chemistry of this onscreen couple.

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