Kubra Khan’s name mispronounced by a journalist as “COBRA” leaves people laughing to tears


Cobra? Or Kubra? Both are quite different but skip of the tongue made Kubra as COBRA. Well here we are going to tell you guys the whole incident in detail and you guys would definitely find it more interesting and fun to read this. Do let’s get straight into it. Kubra Khan is promoting her upcoming movie London Nahi Jaunga and these promotions has spiked up a fun incident.

During an interaction with media a journalist who introduced himself as Pashtoon said he would like to ask COBRA about her appearance in Sang e Mah. When he pronounced cobra the entire team of London Nahi Jaunga and people who were present there started laughing. Wasi added more fun by repeating Kubra Khan’s name as cobra.

This funny video is making rounds on social media and people are truly enjoying the situation. People are of the view that a journalist is Pashtoon so this much mispronunciation is quite ok. Some are of the view that he has rightly named her cobra and she definitely should have this name. Hilarious comments on this video is also making our day. People are speculating that if this incident would have been happen in person then Kubra definitely have bitten him. 

Here’s the video of the said incident below. Scroll down to watch this.

Kubra Khan is all set to give her fans Eidi with her spectacular appearance in film London Nahi Jaunga which is going to be released this Eid Ul Adha. The most anticipated movie is definitely going to have a great business on cinema screens.

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