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Zara Noor Abbas trolled for wearing bold dress

Zara Noor Abbas is known for her finest acting skills and despite of being proud daughter of Asma Abbas and niece of Bushra Ansari she just relayed on her own talent and didn’t bring that family background to touch the heights of fame and popularity. Zara has gathered immense fame and appreciation from her outstandingly fascinating acting skills. Just not that, she’s an incredible singer too and is definitely considered to be an all-rounder.

We have seen this trend in the industry that some of the actresses are always ready to go to any extent to earn fame but only a few are so ethical and know their limits that they won’t compromise on their limits. Zara Noor Abbas was also the best fit in the said context. Her latest photoshoot is giving an impression that she’s all set to get herself out of her limits.

Her bold pictures are making rounds on social media, and diva is spotted wearing too many tight dresses and in inappropriate poses. Her comments section is filled with all the love and praise from her fellows but it’s quite confirmed that she’s following the trend. Her dusky brown look and sophisticated personality is getting ruined by her choice of dress. Here are the pictures, check them out.

She’s cladding in a beautiful mint green silk gown but as her fans, her look didn’t sit well with us. Ayeza Khan is an exemplary figure in this concern as she never makes compromises on her limits and that’s how she has touched the peaks of popularity by sticking strong to her grounds. Vulgarity has got nothing to do with fame and talent. People are definitely going to backlash her for her look.

What do you guys think, about her dressing? Write to us here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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