Ayeza Khan reveals that ‘taking care of other people’s children’ is quite difficult, video goes viral


Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are the most prominent and sumptuous couple in tinsel town. Their grandiosity really impresses us and eventually makes us fall in love with them. Ayeza Khan is such a gem and she gets appreciated for her down-to-earth nature. Several celebrities just adore her attitude and her presence just spikes up the fun and laughter.

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Her most interesting interview with Ahsan Khan is making rounds on social media. Ahsan Khan asked her whether it’s easy to handle your kids or your husband and Ayeza Khan’s reply just left us amused and awestruck. Ayeza is of the view that it’s really difficult to handle other’s kids and you probably know what she means. Yeah, she exactly means it’s quite challenging to handle your husband (dosro ke bachay).

Danish Taimoor immediately added that he’s such a Seedha Sadha Banda and literally knows no tantrums. We are in love with this mesmerizing couple and can’t help admiring these lovebirds. Ayeza Khan is continuing her journey towards more fame and success. Following her marriage, she got immense fame. They both are really doing very well. Here’s the video, watch it now.

Ayeza Khan said in a funny way that you can slap your kids if they tease you but certainly can’t do this to your husband. Danish Taimoor said he’s so simple man and just works and sleeps there’s nothing that can trigger his wife. We are gushing over their chemistry and it’s incredibly beautiful to see them sharing a sumptuous bond.

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