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Dua Zehra again trolled by public after her latest video

Dua Zehra is a topic of discussion for almost two months and there are lots of conspiracies that are raised due to the negative propaganda of Dua against her parents. Her father is doing all the very best for the betterment of his daughter. Maybe some other father will not do the same thing and let his daughter do whatever she wanted but here is the iron man who just wanted his daughter back.

Dua’s father knew that her behavior is fake and she can’t do anything like this on her own. Their must be something big behind all the matter who is not coming forward. A tv anchor Zunaira is on the hit list of netizens, analysts, and her father because she told that she was the only one who was interconnected from the very first day with Dua and Zaheer.

Recently a new video is on aired by Zunaira in which she again took interviewed a newlywed couple in a very formal appearance. Dus has again made it clear that she is not under pressure and stopped bothering me as I am very happy with my family. There is no truth about any gang. Further, she said that stop worrying about me, my parents already knew who Zaheer is. They took my mobile on 14th of February and beat me so bad. They wanted me to marry my cousin that’s why she left the note with goodbye. Have a video look!

Netizens are on fire after watching this new video because of her formal look and for being extra selfish and not being guilty about her parents’ condition. Many doubts about Zunaira are also cleared but Dua’s statements. No one is in the favor of Dua for her blunt actions and this could have a very bad effect on other young girls in Pakistan.

What do you say about Dua’s new interview with Zunaira? She needs any sympathy or not? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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  1. Actually zunaia is diong this all for earning cheap publicity .It seems as if she is of same mindset as dua has and thats why she in her conversation supports her a lot.go


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