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Ayeza Khan’s shoot at beach brings out uproarious comments

Ayeza Khan has always made people her fans with her sophistication and fascinating looks. From the beginning of her career till now she has literally groomed herself a lot and fans just can’t help adoring this beauty. Her every picture and shoot garners her unlimited appreciation and love. Be it her pictures from vacations or her finest performances, she creates magic everywhere with her majesty and elegance. 

Ayeza Khan’s shoot at beach brings out uproarious comments
Ayeza Khan’s shoot at beach brings out uproarious comments

Recently Ayeza khan dropped some splendid pictures from her vacation shoot and this time it came out to be trolling content. She’s posing at the beach wearing a beautiful rainbow dress shirt. People are mocking her for her makeup look and are questioning how her makeup is staying on her face even after getting fully wet. Ayeza has literally started looking like a plastic beauty and it’s speculated that she and Danish both have got whitening Injections.

Seems like this shoot hasn’t sat well with her admirers and people are calling her Kim Kardashian. One of the social media users just called this shoot an effort to look like Kim Kardashian and she’s definitely failing miserably. Some are criticizing her makeup and one of the fans wrote that to get appreciation from public she prefers to wear jeans even on beach.

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We all feel like Ayeza Khan never gets bored with capturing the pictures and people are in doubt does she always has a photographer with her even on vacations? Shockingly! She’s getting regarded as plastic Ayeza. Here we are sharing some more screenshots from her shoot check these out.

Do you guys also think that Ayeza khan has lost her natural beauty? What are your thoughts? Write to us here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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  1. I have never seen her as a natural beauty from the time she entered the industry. She is only well groomed, not beautiful. Danish is way more attractive than her. She seems to be getting more insecure with age and thus tries a little too hard.. due to which she loses the simplicity and grace she is admired for.


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