Nida Yasir gets emotional as she reveals her life’s deepest regret, I didn’t see my mother at the last minute


Life is so uncertain. It really takes away your loved ones from you leaving you helpless and devasted. Regret, remorse, and conscience-stricken is something that truly leaves you restless. Nids Yasir recently hosted her show Good Morning Pakistan in the memory of those who left us. The show was quite emotional where respected guests shared the feelings they had when their loved ones left them.

Talking about her mother’s sad Demise she regarded it as her misfortune. She uttered emotionally that before her mother’s death She went to Maldives for family vacations with the permission of her mother as her late mother assured her of her well-being and Nida set off to Maldives.

Unfortunately, just after one day, she received the saddest news of her mother’s death which truly left her devasted. She couldn’t make her way to home immediately because of COVID protocols. According to her, she knows how she spent that day. Since then she deems it her bad luck that she was not beside her mother in her final moments. This very thing keeps pricking her and it’s the most remorseful moment. There you guys watch the full episode of Good Morning Pakistan. Have a look.

Nida Yasir is truly a strong lady but her mother’s memories make her burst into tears. She was looking so disappointed, do broken and we couldn’t help consoling her and sending prayers for the departed soul. Her sisters make her understand that it was painful for them to see their mother going far away from them.

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