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Imran Ashraf finally reveals son’s face

Imran Ashraf and his wife Kiran Ashfaq Haider kept the face of their little one hide since his birth. Kiran usually takes to her Instagram handle and shares beautiful pictures with her son but keeps this Munchkin’s angelic face hidden. A few times back she also got criticized for not showing baby’s face but she handled all this criticism and backlash with quite a cool Attitude.

This little star has already become a sensation as all Bohla fans desperately wanted to have a look at this adorable baby. Well, Kiran has finally ended your wait and has shared a heart-warming picture with Roham on her Instagram handle. This mother-son duo is raising up the heat with their warmest hug and we literally can’t take our eyes off them. Beautiful Kiran is twinning with Roham wearing bright yellow color.

They both are winning hearts with their outstandingly captivating and gorgeous pictures. She’s looking extremely gorgeous and our hero Roham has literally no comparison. He’s too cute and leaving us gushing over this little boy. It’s a fact, that some of people really do hide their babies’ faces on part of some of their beliefs or superstitions.

Iqra Aziz, Aiman Khan, Feroze Khan, Sarah Falak, and many more took the time to introduce their babies to their fans. We are drooling over him and can’t wait to have more pictures of him. Roham is also seen in movie Dum Mastam with his dad Imran Ashraf. Father like son, he is resembling his father. We are wishing this angel all the happiness of this world with health and wellness. Have a look at these gigantic snaps.

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