Mahira Khan’s bad day at film set – she got injured


Mahira Khan is the best buddy for Fahad Mustafa nowadays because they have been invited on different talk shows together for the promotion of their upcoming movie “Quaid-e-Azam zindabad”. This on-screen couple is rocking in different styles and with full energy on our social media and is publicly available at different spots for promotion.

It’s Mahira’s first experience to work with more than 2 superstars at the same time and this trio influenced her very much. She is a young-looking and alluring artist who gets fame all over Pakistan and India. She receives lots of prayers and good wishes from Indian community. Mahira herself is a big fan of Indian artists with whom she has worked in a movie. Mostly the admiring comments received for Mahira, are from Indian public.

Fahad Mustafa and Mahira were invited to a TV show for a discussion about their movie and Fahad revealed a big secret about Mahira’s injury. Mahira herself elaborate that she was on the stage wearing a white saree and slipped on her back. She was injured badly and the whole audience ran towards her. She then at once said that your movie is hit. The movie Actor-in-Law was really gone hit in the cinemas in Pakistan and India. Here is a detailed video of Fahad Mahira telling about the whole incident.

Mahira and Fahad are spotted together these days because it’s not easy to promote your work at a bigger level and for this reason, we have to put all the energy and effort into its promotion.

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