Minal Khan put ‘Anda Paratha’ on Instagram, Mathira made fun of actress for copying Kylie Jenner’s story


Mathira is a well-known actress and model who is trolled for many times due to different reasons. She is bold and intelligent actress who get fame because of a talk show in she was hosting for a long time. She was born in Zimbabwe and then moved to Pakistan with her family. She has done many item songs and became famous in Pakistan and India.

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Mathira is also hosting a program in which she invited Javeria Saud as a guest. Both guest and host gave an advice to Minal Khan who is on the hit list of netizens because she reused the food status of Kylie Jenner. Kylie became furious and said many harsh words to Minal for which netizens also trolled her badly.

Mathira asked Javeria Saud about whether we are class conscious or it’s because of an inferiority complex? Javeria replied her that actually it’s not a competition, it is something that we are chasing just for our popularity and likes. No one likes to do some good work or come into competition. We are not writing ourselves nowadays we just put the things for which we get the likes. Here is the link to the video, have a look!

Mathira also gave advice to Minal that if you want to do it again then don’t choose anyone who has lots of followers or try to put it on your status after a few days later. Javeria and Mathira were discussing this issue jokingly and Mathira also clarify that we were not trolling Minal Khan, but we were discussing the situation.

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