Aiman Khan and Minal Khan’s capricious pictures from pop up shop of their brand A&M Closet


Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are working hard to make their brand a significant one and one-stop-shop where people can find their all wished clothes and accessories for any season. Recently the said brand gathered criticism for delivering pathetic stuff. The customer shared his experience of the worst online shopping with A&M closet.

This opinion was later confirmed by several people. The brave haven’t issued any sort of clarification statement. From vastly different colors to fabric the brand is delivering hugely bad articles. These so-called braves are too costly to afford. This bravery has always been in controversies from customers’ bad reviews to copying designs from Zara Shahjahan’s collection, they faced severe backlash and slamming.

Recently they had pop-up shop recent event and the response of their fans was so warm. These two beauties were also present there having live interaction with their fans and customers. They both were looking so beautiful in different attires of their brands. Different pictures and videos from this pop-up shop is making rounds on social media. We are in love with their outstanding looks and prettiest smiles. They were also spotted with their mother who came there to support her daughters.

Minal Khan had recently given a shut-up call to all the trollers, trolling her for just posting plagiarised content. She is of the view that it’s her Instagram handle and she’s free to post whatever she would like to. No one has the right to put hurdles in their way. Here are the amazing pictures.

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