Ismat Siddiqui, mother of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui passes away in Karachi


Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is a famous Pakistani national who is imprisoned by US for more than twenty-five years and she is sentenced to eighty-five years. The allegation for which she is suffering for many years is her attempt at murder. She is in a very bad condition as she send an audio message to her nation a few years back.

Dr. Aafia’s mother was raising her kids here in Pakistan but no the innocent faces are left alone in this world as their grandmother passes away in Karachi today. Mohtarma Ismat Siddiqui waited for her lifetime to meet her daughter but fate had other plans and she will meet in heaven.

This news really saddened our public and sometimes these are like a push to raise the topics that were closed after several years of hard time and struggle. Afia’s mother was a strong lady who gave strength to her kids and make them able to fight for themselves and also to fight against wrong.

She was always seen in the protests that were w raised in the favor of her daughter and lifted the slogan written on her heart “Aafia you are not alone” Every mother sacrifice many things for her kids but this iron lady is an example for all the other’s struggling moms out there. They can relate their condition to this deprived mother and seek inspiration in their own life. She gave a lesson of patience to all the Pakistani nation and moms everywhere in the world.

May the deceased soul rest in peace and be blessed with the highest rank in Jannah Ameen!

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