Ramsha Khan is singing the praises of Ahad Raza Mir consequently ignites criticism


Ahad Raza Mir and Ramsha Khan’s relationship became much suspicious with Bilal Abbas’s move of unfollowing these two stars on Instagram. It was earlier speculated that Bilal Abbas Khan and Ramsha khan were dating each other but his anger outburst was seen in his action when Bilal Abbas immediately left them behind by unfollowing them. His very act disturbed Ramsha Khan and she called him disgraceful ex.

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In a recent interview, Kesa Hai Naseeban actress has spotted singing the praises of Ahad Raza Mir. She was asked about Ahad Raza Mir as he appears to be so serious and reserved person. This was the few times when he performed funny or light characters. Ramsha was seeing to be quite impatient to talk about him and she started saying him a wonderful human being.

She further added that Ahad Raza Mir has definitely got the best sense of humor and he’s an incredible actor. She deemed it a great experience working with him in drama series Hum Tum. People really couldn’t digest her words of praise for Ahad Raza Mir. This time too they have brought Sajal Aly between this criticism. Here’s Ramsha Khan’s interview. Have a look.

People are of the view that what kind of wonderful man he is. He bent on his knees for Sajal Aly and later just left her for some absurd and illogical reasons. People are also bashing Ramsha Khan and are suggesting her to marry Ahad Raza Mir so that she would have a real glimpse of his gentleness.

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