Zara Noor Abbas gets vocal about pregnancy struggles: slams big brands for being so pathetic


Zara Noor Abbas has always shown us her jolly side of personality but it’s very rare when she talks about all those endeavors and strives she has faced in industry. In an interview, her husband Asad Siddiqui revealed that this couple lost their child and subsequently left Zara Noor Abbas in sheer depression and devastation.

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You all must have gone through Alia Bhatt’s post where she is seen clearly taking a jibe at the media for being disrespectful towards pregnant Actresses. Zara Noor Abbas seems to be agreeing with Alia Bhatt’s stance. Alia Bhatt recently stir the buzz very high with declaration of her pregnancy. Zara Noor Abbas is also getting vocal about all those struggles and hardships she had to face following getting pregnant.

Zebaish starlet is of the view that Alia Bhatt’s post is an indication that it doesn’t only happen in Pakistan where women are considered not to be able to do anything when they conceive. Talking about her own experience she stated that major brands dropped her off after knowing about her pregnancy. It’s terrible to know how these so-called sophisticated people behave. Here we are sharing the screenshot of her post.

Zara Noor Abbas gets vocal about pregnancy struggles: slams big brands for being so pathetic

Zara Noor Abbas is definitely a strongly opinionated person and knows very well how to speak her mind. We can’t help seconding her opinion and it’s definitely a matter of concern. Women really need not to prove their abilities a d motherhood to anyone who considers them low-key beings.

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