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‘Thank god you were born’: Arez Ahmed pens sweetest birthday wish for Hiba Bukhari; Wifey REACTS

Oh yeah! You have read the title right. Arez Ahmed is flying high in the sky with unconditional love of his wife Hiba Bukhari. He seems to be crossing every limit of romanticism and is openly declaring his love for Hiba Bukhari. You guys must have witnessed tons of birthday wishes but we bet Arez Ahmed’s way of wishing wifey Hiba Bukhari a happy birthday is the most admired and adored one.

Well, this ideal husband took to his Instagram account to wish a very happy birthday to his wife. Just not that he also thanked Hiba Bukhari’s grandparents and parents. You guys must be thinking about what could be the reason behind thanking others on her birthday so, yes hold on here we are going to share this classy and iconic birthday wish with all of you, we hope this would end your confusion.

Have a look at his wording. He wrote romantically that it’s sure that he is born in this world to love Hiba Bukhari and Hiba is born to be his only his. He further added that he undoubtedly declares his love for Hiba. Taking this wish to another level he went on thanking Hiba’s grandparents to give birth to Hiba’s and parents and also thanked Hiba’s parents to give birth to Hiba. Lol it’s definitely something quite technical and you guys should ponder over his post and it would start making sense.

Here are the most breathtaking clicks of this lovely couple. Check it out.

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It goes without saying that this resplendent couple is leaving us in an awe-inspiring mood and we can’t help adoring them for their unbeatable chemistry. On the other hand, Hiba Bukhari wrote in response to her husband Arez Ahmed’s long birthday post I Love You.

Have you guys ever experienced to get this much in-depth and romantic birthday wish? Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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