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Ghana Ali wore ‘Weird Necklace’ that predicted newborn’s birth

Ghana Ali is a veteran actress who remains a topic of discussion throughout the year. She made her debut in Pakistan showbiz industry in different adds and a performing a leading role in Geo tv drama Sangdill. She has also worked in a famous movie Rangreza. She is active in showbiz since 2015 and still looking for some good work.

Ghana Ali wore 'Weird Necklace' that predicted newborn's birth
Ghana Ali wore ‘Weird Necklace’ that predicted newborn’s birth

Ghana Ali was married to a handsome and caring husband Umair Gulzar in February 2021. He was already married for many years and also trolled by the netizens as they said that why she is married to a man who was already in a relationship. She replied that “Because it was in my destiny” and also she admit that “I don’t regret it because he is an amazing human being”.

Ghana tried to calm down her fans’ followers about her husband but they did not listen to her and continued to do their job. She then gave a shut call to every who was bothering too much about her personal as she said “First of all I was told that his first wife doesn’t know anything. It’s not possie especially when we announced the matter to everyone who knew about it. And they are not together now” After this statement she stopped clearing her position and was on a point to “Let the dogs bark”.

Ghana is blessed with a cute daughter Fajia Umair in November 2021. She is recently spotted in London, wearing a weird choker that is of Lizard shape. Maybe someone like her appearance but most of the public has trolled her badly about the Lizard. Here is the trolled video and picture of Ghana Ali, Have a video look.

Someone commented that “Yehi Aurtain Ghar Main Chipkili Se Darti Hain” and another netizen said that “What the heck is wrong with people?? Apko Nahi Pasand To Wo Kia Karein. Like seriously shut up and let this beautiful human life enjoy itself. And girl you look gorgeous”. One user wrote sarcastically that it looks like a new baby is coming home soon.

What do you say people should react in this way to others’ appearance? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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