Ahsan Khan enjoying hysterical memes on his viral British Pakistani actor video


Social media really has emerged to be a place where you get immense appreciation and love but on the other hand, it also serves you with immense trolling and criticism. A video of incredibly talented Ahsan khan made rounds on social media where he called himself a British Pakistani actor and works here and there. His ‘Here and there’ theory went viral and several memes were generated out of it.

Ahsan Khan enjoying hysterical memes on his viral British Pakistani actor video
Ahsan Khan beautiful poses with his wife at an event

In his recent interview, he was asked about his feelings about being trolled much concerning his viral video. Ahsan Khan’s stance would definitely leave you gushing over him. This cool debonair replied that he surely enjoys memes and his viral video is definitely not something to be ashamed of. He hasn’t done anything wrong so it’s not a big deal.

He also added that this video is quite from her old days but it’s another thing that has gone viral now. Rehbra star is a true inspiration for many of us. His finest acting skills and down-to-earth attitude surely become a reason to fall in love with him. Ahsan Khan is all set to rock on cinema screens with his powerful performance in Rehbra. Here’s his interview. Watch it now.

Ahsan has surely won our hearts with his take on viral video. It would not be wrong to say that this handsome hunk is definitely our superstar. He deserves all the praise and love. Ahsan Khan’s fandom always waits for his appearance that is truly striking and noteworthy.

What are your thoughts on his viral video? Is it right to troll a celebrity for no reason? Share your feedback with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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