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Alyzeh Gabol is expecting first baby with hubby Zoraiz Malik: Pic

Alyzeh Gabol is a model come actress who has appeared in many ads and dramas. Her life was not so easy because of some ups and downs she faced during her marital life. She is a hardworking super lady who remains calm in every situation and faced each hurdle with courage and politely. She was bullied and harassed badly but even though she has an influence on social media, she never used her fame to slap back to the mockers.

Alyzeh married twice in her life. She was first married to a handsome guy Osama who was also an actor but not very famous. They were blessed with a daughter named as Miraal. The couple was divorced due to unknown reasons and Alizeh took custody of her daughter. She loves to share her pictures with Miraal on her social media account. Alizeh was married again to a famous personality and a businessman’s (Malik Riaz) grandson.

The don of Pakistani business Malik Riaz is the maternal grandfather of Alizeh’s husband Zoraiz’s mother Aasia was not in the favor of her son’s choice and repeatedly dome mocking and criticized her daughter-in-law just because she did not like her. She once uploaded a picture of her son Zoraiz signing a divorce paper with Alizeh. She then clarified about her relationship that was still alined.

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Here is some good news from the couple, they are going to become parents soon. Alizeh is already a mother of cute little girl Miraal and now again she is expecting. Her husband posted on his social media account about her wife, a new member to be born, and his mother’s bad behavior throughout the year. He said that he had tried his best to remain silent and hid his personal life but now it’s the time to tell everyone that we are expecting and will become parents soon. All the people wished the new mommy a good health and well-being.

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