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Dua Zehra’s heartbreaking statement to her parents

Dua Zehra is still behaving like a fool. Her every statement is against her parents especially her father, the man who has left no stone unturned to get his daughter back. Dua Zehra’s all claims are proved to be false after a recent medical report has declared her a minor. She’s nearest to 15 and doesn’t come in the adult category. This report is a huge slap on the face of all those low-standard YouTubers who are striving hard to get few views and subscribers on the basis of this case.

After the results of recent medical report, everyone is suspicious to know about the future of this case. Whether Dua Zehra would be handed over to her parents and what is going to happen with Zaheer. In a recent interview, Dua Zehra has again created a storm with her controversial yet heartbreaking statement about her father.

She clearly has denied going with her parents a d is beating about the bush. In her point of view, her parents are so cruel and would definitely kill her after taking her home. She is quite reluctant to go to any shelter home as well. How pathetically she’s manifesting her love for this Zinda Lash Zaheer Ahmed. She has said that she can’t live without him and the thought of leaving Zaheer makes her go crazy. Here is Dua Zehra’s interview, have a look.

We are at a loss about her school of thought. What is she actually trying to do and what are her aims. This case has got on our nerves and the way Mehdi Kazmi sahab has fought for his right is truly amazing. He is an exemplary figure of a father, an undaunted man who has gone through a lot in the last 2.5 months.

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