Sana Khan, husband Mufti Anas perform Hajj


There are very few people who are truly chosen. Allah SWT chooses them to be on his path, a path that leads you towards eternal success and happiness. Bollywood Actress Sana Khan is also among those specially blessed people whose life just got changed completely. Her inspirational journey is surely heartfelt and soulful. A few years back the same girl was the life of every dance party and people loved to see her dancing but no one can astray to whom Allah SWT chooses to guide.

Sana Khan’s certain time period made her get closer to Allah Almighty and she started this journey of True recognition. Consequently, this girl has become an example for all. She has left that glamorous world far behind and has focused just to please Allah Almighty.

Allah SWT has gifted him an incredible human being as her husband named Mufti Anas. Following her marriage to Mufti Anas, she got to know much about Islam and is still learning. This year these blessed souls are performing Hajj e Akbar. How close she is to Allah Almighty. How much-beloved she would be to Allah SWT, she’s being blessed with all the treasures of peace and health. That Noor on her face is reflecting her pure inner. Mufti Anas and Sana khan are winning the internet with their purifying and precious appearance.

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Sana keeps performing Umrah and her Instagram stories are filled with all the beautiful and extremely soulful pictures from Khana Kaba. She also prefers to share different wazaif with her followers. We pray that may Allah SWT bless us with the wealth on Iman.

Are you guys following her on Instagram? She’s literally worth following. Make sure to follow her and get true inspiration. Share your good words in the comments section below. Thanks!

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