Sarah Khan’s dramatic fan shocks Sarah with whimsical response: Watch viral video


All celebrities must have an encounter with their biggest fans or you can say craziest fans. These encounters can be worth remembering or sometimes can create a fuss for a celeb. Recently, the same thing happened with Sarah Khan at emporium mall Lahore where she was present to have a meetup with fans concerning the endorsement of some brand.

Well, this fan encounter turned into a dramatic one when that Female fan started crying and couldn’t stop her tears. She kissed Sarah Khan’s hand and hugged her tight which seemingly made Sarah Khan much uncomfortable. That fan literally just couldn’t get enough of Sarah and was not ready to go from there. This situation has definitely made Sarah Khan worried and maybe she wasn’t expecting this response.

From people’s point of view, this fan has acted so well and was crying forcefully. Some of them wrote that she’s beating Ayeza Khan’s record. The best actress Ayeza Khan even couldn’t perform that well in any dramas. It’s truly astonishing to see how someone literally become so emotional for the one who lives so far and they just have a connection on screen. People are considering it overacting. Here is the video. Have a look!

The Internet seems to find this fan much skeptical and over. People are speaking their hearts out about this viral video. People are of the view that the girl was for sure trying to get attention and this attention seeker has literally crossed every limit of overacting. People are literally not coming slow as the comments section is getting filled with hilarious comments.

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