Sania Mirza shares her feelings on the last day of Wimbledon


Sania Mirza is an Indian tennis player and young attractive woman who get married in 2010 to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The bonding between these two opposite players is superb from the start of their relationship. They were married in traditional wedding ceremony held in India and afterward the couple moved to Pakistan and lived here peacefully.

Sania Mirza shares her feelings on the last day of Wimbledon

Sania is the best and No1 Indian player who won five Gold medals and many silver and bronze medals that are proof of her brilliant performance. Her parents did not expect this kind of success and power from their girl because, in Indian culture, a few tennis players were found, but they were hopeful enough after seeing the guts in their female child. After almost twenty years of her career now we can see that successful woman whose name is known by everyone in the world.

Sania has now said goodbye to Wimbledon’s career after twenty years and shared her sad feelings to leave the campaign. She said “The tears, fight and the struggle, the work we put in is all worth it in the end, it wasn’t meant to be this time Wimbledon but you have been nothing but speculator. Its been an honor to play here and win here over the last twenty years. I will miss you until we meet again”. Sania is hope full in making a new record with Wimbledon and maybe she will be invited again after she left.

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The team Wimbledon also pin a note for Sania as “The honor is ours, Sania Mirza, wishing the very best to our 2015 ladies, doubles champion following her final Wimbledon campaign”. Here is the proof and indication that how talented and hardworking people are remembered and given value for many years. This is how legends are made and appreciated by all the people existing in this world.

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