Shagufta Ejaz’s uproarious video on rapidly increasing fuel prices


Inflation, uncontrollable high prices of fuel, and high fly of dollar has certainly left everyone worried and disappointed. It definitely has become impossible to make both ends meet. Every talk show on news channels is even increasing depression. There are only a few who are still finding a hysterical element in this scenario. Who can be that person who’s still able to bring out humor in this serious situation? Read the full article to know about that incredibly talented person.

Shagufta Ejaz, our favorite, stunning, and evergreen actress has shown the most chucklesome aspect. This rib-tickling video opens up with Shagufta Ejaz standing in front of her cow and thinking how beneficial it would be if we could get fuel from her instead of milk. That poor cow has definitely the best answer and asks her what if you guys have to feed us diesel rather than grass. Lol! It’s literally so amusing and entertaining.

Shagufta Ejaz has also posted tons of other videos. We are drooling over her killing expressions. Her expressions make the video even more interesting and worth watching. To be honest, in this age of severe depression and uncertainty we truly need people like her who can literally make people smile with their creative ideas. Here’s the video, have a look.

People just can’t stop praising Shagufta Ejaz for her outstanding skit and secondly having a great ponder over on this matter. Her comments section is filled with all the love and affection. This is how our legends get treated and she’s definitely making us feel proud.  

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