Aiman Khan is trolled by Yasir Hussain – Reason is Minal Khan


Twin sisters Aiman and Minal are all-time favorite actresses in Pakistan showbiz industry. Their facial features are almost the same and sometimes people get confused to recognize their identity however now both are married and can be differentiated by their husbands. They remain active on their social media accounts, sometimes they share the same stiff and usually they show important things from their personal life.

Minal Khan was recently trolled badly because of a story that she took from Kylie Jenner’s social media account. Kylie herself scolded Minal Khan in front of all the netizens and the Public is always in search of this news. They set it on fire and trolled Minal Khan badly. But she became an iron lady and posted on her Instagram that she will do whatever she wants and share anything that she like. She doesn’t care about anyone’s bad comments.

Yasir Hussain who remain interested in others’ life and a trolling master, recently make fun of Aiman Khan’s post from Nathia Gali and said “Pakki Bat Hai? Nathia Gali Hi Hai? Sach Bata Dein Meenu”. He was actually referring her to Minal Khan’s stolen story that was criticized by the keyboard warriors. Here is the picture of the comment that Yasir made for Aiman Khan, who actually has nothing to do with Kylie Jenner.

Aiman Khan is trolled by Yasir Hussain – Reason is Minal Khan

A question arises after this type of mocking that if your colleagues also start to mock you then who is going to support or take an action for you. Sometimes we need a hand or a little notion of care to cope with these conditions and if our loved loves and companions also start to humiliate us then nothing could be left behind.

What do you say about Yasir Hussain’s comment? Please share your opinion in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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