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Iqrar Ul Hassan, Qurat Ul Ain welcome baby boy

Pehlaaj Hassan is an adorable boy and son of a famous host and anchor Syed Iqrar-ul-Hassan. He is the only son of his parents and owns a youtube channel on which he shares his Vlogs from his daily routine. As we know Iqrar-ul-Hassan has married twice in his life, though one of his weddings was hidden and revealed by someone from the public just to punish him for hosting a reality-based program Sar-e-Aam at Ary news.

Iqrar Ul Hassan, Qurat Ul Ain welcome baby boy

The news was really shocking for all the public and also for Iqrar because he wanted to hide his second marriage because of some personal reasons but he managed all the propaganda very brilliantly. Pehlaaj is from the first marriage of Iqrar and his wife Qurat-ul-Ain. He is a wise little boy with all the skills of acting and Vlogging. He has shared a piece of good news on his Youtube channel about the birth of his brother.

Don’t worry it’s not the real brother or son of Iqrar-ul-Hassan but a newborn baby is the little angel of his brother. Pehlaaj’s love for this new baby is too pure that’s why he considers him as his own brother. He performed his honey ritual and also named him like his own as Syed Ibtihaj Hassan. The little boy resembles him in different facial features and is very adorable. All the kids were very excited to see the baby and hold him in their arms.

Here is the link to the video that Pehlaaj has uploaded on his YouTube channel.

The whole family visited the hospital to see the baby boy for the very first time. Pehlaaj hold him in his arms and was looking very happy and after coming back to the home he told that he is going to teach him all the sports skills that he liked and made him an athlete when he will grown up.

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