Nasir Khan Jan’s baby is here and no, it’s not what you think; Check it out


Nasir Khan Jan is a public figure who gets fame for his nonsense funny videos that he uploaded on his social media account a few years back. He belongs to Pushtoon family and lived a hard life from the beginning of his career. He is a university graduate but never found any job according to his studies and was rejected many times. Nasir lost hope and started creating funny videos and posted them on his Facebook account.

Some of the people liked his videos whereas most of them started taunting him. He was also abused and threatened in the comments for posting inappropriate stuff on the internet but Nasir was doing any bad thing, he was just recreating the songs in his own voice and style that looked hilarious all the time. He was considered as transgender but he clarified that it’s not true.

Nasir get married to the girl from his own tribe in 2020 and posted a picture with his wife. He was very disappointed because of his earnings because he told that he just earn 20k from his videos and that is not enough to run a family and house. Many memes were made on his personality for which he gave a message to the public that you people are responsible because I did not get any job in this society and you people are not sparing one for my business about the funny videos. Here is the video have a look!

Today is a blessed day for Nasir Khan Jan as he welcomed a new baby boy in his home and became a proud father of a son. He posted on his social media account a video in which the first Azaan is being given to the little one and Nasir captioned the video as “I am so happy guys, you people have become uncles and aunts, first Azaan for my baby boy. I am so happy guys”. Many people wished him very well on the arrival of newborn baby whereas some shameless people again trolled him without any reason.

Are you going to wish this hardworking and stressed man on the arrival of his first blessing? Please tell us in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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