Sanam Chaudhry’s most inspiring Eid clicks with her husband


Sanam Chaudhry has dropped some awe-inspiring pictures from Eid collection. This resplendent beauty is surely becoming a true inspiration who has left this world of glamour for the sake of Allah’s will and has turned herself towards Allah, to whom we all have to return one day. Whenever she comes into our newsfeeds, she manages to spread positivity and all good vibes.

Look how beautiful and pure she’s looking with such a gorgeous hijab on her head and a mesmerizingly gorgeous platted dress. She has kept her look so simple and elegant and is inspiring us in such an adorable way. Sanam has ruled over the industry with her finest acting skills but her true recognition of herself made her leave these worldly pleasures.

She often shares her beautiful journey that makes our hearts swell with happiness and pride. Sanam is blessed with a baby boy and here we had a glimpse of him. Her husband and she both make such an amazing bonding and chemistry. Ghar Titli Ka Par actress is definitely making us fall in love with her. Even in hijab, she’s keeping her look so elegant. That’s how you manage to walk in both worldly affairs and your religious obligations.

Here are these transformation pictures. Have a look.

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Sanam and her husband are leading a life that is filled with the roses of happiness. Her content has changed from music to the recitation of the Quran and sharing Hadith and several good things. It’s always so interesting to watch her live sessions.

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