A sad demise – Tanveer Jamal passes away in Japan


Tanveer Jamal was a veteran actor and director who appeared in many dramas and movies for many years. His appearance was same as in 90s and up till now, he was a hardworking and devoted person who took part in the raising of Pakistan’s showbiz industry. He was mostly seen in serious characters that suited his personality very well.

He was 60 years old and worked for about three decades in Pakistani film industry. He had a deep connection with Japan as he was married to the girl who belonged there and he also frequently visit the historic country. He had done many contributions to Japanese hotels and also worked there for a long time. He also owned Japanese nationality and his family resides there.

Tanveer Jamal’s famous work includes “Godfather” and “Payamber Nahi Ain Ge”. He was seriously ill in 2016 and diagnosed with cancer. He avails the treatment from a hospital in Japan and overcomes the disease with his determination. He again started working in Pakistani serials but sadly he was again diagnosed with the same disease and left the shooting of drama “Maray Apne” that was further continued by another great actor Firdous Jamal and now he is declared dead in Japan. He is no more in this world and left his kids and wife alone.

According to the news, his daughter is married to Pakistani man and the boy is married to a Japanese-American woman who resides in Japan. Jamal was also living there with his family and did not come to his dear homeland for a long time because of his treatment. One of his new projects was in progress named as “Japan Connection” and the actors told that it will be a mega project but fate had news plans for him and now he will not be able to see his last successful work. May his soul rest in peace and be blessed with the highest ranks in Jannah.

Please pray for the deceased soul as he was a mentor to many people in the world. Thanks!

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