In Photos: Saba Qamar-Mehwish Hayat’s mushy chemistry at London Nahi Jaunga’s premier breaks internet


Saba Qamar and Mehwish Hayat both are fast friends and are always seen supporting each other. Recently Mehwish Hayat stole our hearts when age was spotted at the premiere of Kamli and the way she encouraged her friend Saba Qamar was truly amazing. Saba really knows how to keep things going and she also has made a resplendent appearance at the premiere of Mehwish Hayat’s movie London Nahi Jaunga.

Well, probably these girls couldn’t win people’s hearts but criticism. They both are criticized for their bold dressing and all keyboard warriors have got so active in bashing them for promoting vulgarity in society. It’s true to some extent that our actresses have truly forgotten their values and culture. What they are trying to do is to copy western culture just to look more modern and fashionable.

Saba Qamar is spotted wearing a black high-neck gown while Mehwish Hayat chose to don in lemon green broad neckline array. No doubt they both are looking truly amazing and gorgeous but this look couldn’t be sure well with netizens. Fans are totally disappointed with their looks and are of the view that These actresses have left behind their own identities. They are being called Landay Ki Angrez. The public is raising certain questions that why they can’t wear their own traditional clothes. Aren’t they trying to normalize this sort of dressing. Here are some of the pictures, have a look.

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There would be a time when people would consider it normal to dress like this. Being actresses they have a great influence on the public’s mind, they should be very careful with what they wear or what they do people love to follow their every single thing.

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