Dua Zehra to be sold by Zaheer and his family – a truth revealed by Iqrar-ul-Hassan


Dua Zehra’s story is not getting any end and news rumors break every day that is more shocking than before. She is a teenage girl who ran away from her house for love marriage and especially before completing her education. She traveled from Karachi to Lahore without any assistance and told her boyfriend after reached Punjab University.

She herself told that the day was Sunday but still some students were there who helped me to make a call to Zaheer Ahmed. This thing is not being digested by anyone, that how a teenage girl who never go anywhere without her parents and did not know anything about traveling so far, then how, all this has happened. Many questions were raised that were also cleared by Dua Zehra herself but her father still thinks that she is under pressure from Zaheer and his family’s gang.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan who is a great anchor and host revealed the truth about this scenario. He told that from his sources he came to know that Zaheer’s family is going to sell Dua Zehra but Zaheer himself denied the allegations in an interview he gave to Zunaira Maham and even said that we ourselves have tried many times to contact Iqrar-ul-Hassan for an interview but he never responded and these allegations are a part of propaganda. Have a video look!

Dua’s story is a clear example of household abuse that she could not bear and ran away without thinking about anything. According to Dua, her parents were too strict and never became friends with their children that’s why she could not bear to live with them. Dua is very depressed now and she did not want to reunite with her family.

What do you think, whatever Iqrar-ul-Hassan has told about Dua is reality-based news? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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