Falak Shabir’s birthday surprise for Sarah Khan makes him husband of the year. Watch video of their candle-lit dinner


Here is the big day of our favorite diva Sarah Khan. Today is the birthday of the most loving and enchanted actress in our showbiz industry and everyone is wishing her very well. Sarah and Falak Shabir is a renowned couple who get married two years ago and welcomed a cute little daughter a few months ago for whom they can fight for every single person in the world.

Sarah Khan is less seen on the screen now because of her little bundle of joy who brings a smile to the face of her parents and is also liked by the public because of her cute habits. Sarah and Falak’s love story get a happily ever after end in the fairy tale wedding where a new chapter of their life has started with lots of responsibilities. They are managing each and every hurdle of life together and without mentioning it anywhere.

There was a big heart-shaped cake on the table, some balloons, flowers, and gifts, and this celebration is enough for Sarah to remember for her whole life hopefully this couple will remain lively like this for the rest of their life. Here is a beautiful video of love birds that is highly admired by the netizens. Have a look and enjoy!

Today Falak Shabir wished her wife a very happy birthday in a different and beautiful way that every liked too much. He presented a big rose that will last for almost six years and Falak said that our love remains forever until he is alive. His love and compassion is obvious in the video that Sarah has shared with her followers.

Did you like Falak’s way of wishing his wife a happy birthday? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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